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Winn Dixie

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Amit “Andy” Patel - Owner

Tropical Smoothies Café

112 Sea Grove Main St, #114 St. Augustine, FL 32080
When Scott first approached me with the idea of doing the Register Tape program at my local Winn Dixie, I wasn’t overly excited about the idea because I never looked at the back of my register receipts. He continued for months to ask me to give it a try, so I called the Tropical Smoothie in Oakleaf and asked the owner if it worked for him. He said “it did”, so I decided to sign up. To my surprise, it has become the best advertising I do, way better then the Mint Magazine. Besides, when people come in with the coupon, they also bring two to three more people with them. If you think that people don’t look at these coupons, you are DEAD WRONG!
Amit “Andy” Patel - Owner
Tropical Smoothies Café
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