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Winn Dixie

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Greg Jacobson - Owner

Papa Murphy’s

13170 Atlantic Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32225
We have been advertising on the Winn Dixie register tapes for about ten months and it has proven to be the best advertising we do. We receive the coupons everyday, but what I really like is that we are getting a huge number of new customers that even though we have been here for almost two years, they didn’t know we were open right down the street. We do The Mint Magazine, Times Union Inserts and The Beaches Leader and the Register Tapes beats them at least three to one. Don’t be fooled by thinking that people don’t look at the Register Tapes ad. They do and I’m proof to that reality. We highly recommend this program to any business. In fact, we just renewed for another year!
Greg Jacobson - Owner
Papa Murphy’s
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