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Don Roe

Razorback Car Wash

1720 Landers Rd. Benton, AR 72015
“ I like results I can hold in my hand... “ This ad took a while to get started, but now it is a good flow of results showing me that I have made a good investment. The Kroger we use here in Benton draws from a wide area and our location near that parking lot helps me to be awfully tempting to those Kroger shoppers who want a deal on a car wash and this coupons give them just that! Like any businessman, I wish I had even more coming but for the cost, this ad is supporting itself enough that the larger group of people who at least SEE the ad from time to time is where my investment is even more profitable. Since these shoppers already come to this site of couple of times a week, their visit here causes them no extra troubles or expenses of travel and that is the kind of targeting that a car wash business needs, for sure! I recommend this kind of advertising to those who want more local customers on a more regular basis.
Don Roe
Razorback Car Wash
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