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Karen L. Crotty - Manager

Cost Cutters Family Hair Salon

5413 S 96th St. Omaha, NE 68127
When I was first approached to advertise on Baker’s register receipts I was a bit hesitant. The results were slow, OK, very slow at first. After about three months, I began to see an influx of the register coupons. I tracked the results only enough to know when had generated enough business to cover the cost. The cost of the advertising was covered after approximately seven months. Doing quick math, that equates to five months of free advertising and generating added sales as approximately thirty five percent of coupons, were redeemed by new clients! Every business knows existing clients maintain a business and new clients grow a business. When my one year contract was up, I could not renew for another year fast enough!! Thank you so much RTUI and Bakers!!!
Karen L. Crotty - Manager
Cost Cutters Family Hair Salon
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