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Elly Rumbach


2600 Lakewood Village Place North Little Rock, AR 72116
“ I like the coupon return but I also like the upsell... “ Now after three years of this activity, I am sure now more than ever before, that my investent in this receipt advertising is turning out to be one of the smartest things I have ever done. Oh, sure we knew during the first year we were getting coupons and doing well or I would not have continued until now but recently I enlisted a “helper” to fully analyze my coupon activity and we learned that the UPSELL potential of these transaction has reached a SELL potential of these transactions has reached a new level for us and without revealing more than necessary, I will just tell you that FOR SURE our coupon campaign has not only accelerated my business but most certainly has been a real boost for us in every way an ad can! I like being able to change my ad every quarter, even if only minor or cosmetic changes are made and the planning there has been key. I give a lot of credit to my rep., who has been an “AD-VISOR” throughout this business building venture and it is nowhere near over, you see, I just put my money where my mouth is... I just signed a new three year contract and expanded to a second Kroger store!
Elly Rumbach
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