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Kerry Gore

Pig N Chik

7824 Hwy. 107 Sherwood, AR 72116
“I like an ad that pays for itself and this one DOES...” We have seen many coupons come through since starting this ad but the really nice thing about this whole method of promoting is that you really do get back your money’s worth and then also YOUR MONEY BACK! We took a long, hard look at the dollars coming in with this activity and saw that with all things considered, at the very worst, it was paying for itself and all the thousands who see this ad each week are continuing to see it because it really does produce and functions on its own revenue...provided by the response. To many, I’m sure that sounds too good to be true and really, it is remarkable when you consider the cost of many other ads you can buy which you have no way to gauge. I will tell you right now that these ads are helping us and I have just renewed my contract and will continue to build momentum so I can expect this constant flow to continue year after year. I recommend this ad service to anyone who ants constant local exposure to the once that matter.
Kerry Gore
Pig N Chik
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