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Winn Dixie

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Dennis Redd, owner

CiCi’s Pizza

2329 W. Hwy. 90 Lake City, FL 32055
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We started the Register Tapes program in early September as a pre promotion to our grand opening of our new location in Lake City. We opened our doors on October 21, 2013. To our surprise, we had people lined at the door with the Winn Dixie coupons in their hands. Since we have been open, we have received over 5,100 coupons back already from the Winn Dixie grocery store! What an awesome program!! We are advertising on billboards, the Lake City newspaper and the advertiser and the Winn Dixie coupons have absolutely blown them away for direct response. The Register Tapes has made our grand opening a huge success and are looking for even greater response in the future. We highly recommend the Winn Dixie Register Tapes as a must try for any business! Feel free to call me anytime to ask me about our experience. And we just added the Live Oak Winn Dixie location! We’re receiving two hundred ten to two hundred and twenty five coupons, per week.
Dennis Redd, owner
CiCi’s Pizza
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